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  • More FUN than Take-away!
    April 28, 2021 Danielle Barrett

    More FUN than Take-away!

    What I have found however, is that there is a type of meal that also promotes casual dining (think zero cutlery), is a lot healthier, fits within the budget and my kids love it, perhaps even more than take-away! To be fair, it doesn’t 100% give me the night off, but it does limit my food preparation time and I do find that there is a lot less “finish this” “eat that” “one more” discussions at the table, which is refreshing in itself.
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    February 23, 2021 Danielle Barrett

    Why Family Traditions Are Important

    Those nostalgic family moments are a lot more significant than you might realise. You see, family traditions play an important role in childhood. Much more than just a fond memory, as a child they are like your favourite warm fluffy blanket on a cold winter’s night, comforting, reliable and best of all, familiar.
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  • Don’t Throw Out Your Dining Tables!
    October 7, 2020 Danielle Barrett

    Don’t Throw Out Your Dining Tables!

    I don’t normally watch “THE BLOCK” on channel 9Now, but their promotional advertisement that announced the latest controversy of a living/dining room reveal without a dining table certainly grabbed my attention. See the story here: Luxurious as it may...

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