Around The Table


At Around The Table, we understand that eating together as a family can be a challenge. Life is busy – between the competing demands of family and work, most parents don’t have the time to prepare fresh, wholesome food from scratch each evening. 

The hectic pace of our lives sometimes makes strengthening connections with our loved ones difficult. 3 in 4 Australians believe that dinner time is the greatest family connector, ** however families are increasingly moving away from eating together at the dining room table.

Today, around half of Australian families eat dinner in front of the TV * - although 75% of families would like to make a change to their dinnertime routine. **

We created Around The Table to respond to this desire to get back to sit-down dinners and drive deeper family connection. Our fresh, wholesome meal kits and fun activity cards encourage families to eat together away from screens and other distractions.

Connect Around The Table

Around The Table provides convenient, nutritionally balanced, easy to assemble family meal kits and activity cards designed to remove dinner time pressures and encourage families to connect and engage with each other around the dining room table.

Delivered chilled to your child’s school, you can collect both your child and your Around The Table meal kit and activity cards at school pick-up. With no need for meal planning or last-minute supermarket shopping, Around The Table takes the hassle out of dinnertime and gives you back time to spend with your family.

Great food
Our family-friendly meal kits contain a minimum of four vegetables and are free of preservatives, artificial colours and nuts. Ready to serve in just 15 minutes, each meal kit provides generous serves for a family of four with flavours that both children and adults will enjoy.

Great fun
Each Around The Table meal kit comes with engaging activity cards that are designed to foster family connection. Developed by experts including teachers, school counsellors and a child psychologist, these activities encourage open communication and family fun at the dinner table.

Great fundraising
10% of the sale price of each Around The Table main meal kit and activity pack is donated to your school (or a charity of their choice) at the end of each term. Around The Table allows schools to support busy families with convenient and wholesome meal options, while raising funds to invest in improving their facilities, equipment or technology.


* YouGov panel July 
** Mars Foods