Around The Table


To encourage communication and connection – and have some fun as a family too – each Around The Table meal kit includes three engaging activity cards.

Our activity cards are specifically designed by experts including teachers, school counsellors and a child psychologist. Each activity card is created to be enjoyed at the table during dinner, with participation from the whole family.

Children just love our activity cards. We’ve found that parents and kids alike really look forward to sharing them and enjoying a family meal together – and that their Around The Table dinner quickly becomes their favourite night of the week.

We believe so strongly in the value and benefits of our activities that even if our meals aren’t suitable for your family, you can subscribe to receive just the Around The Table activity cards for just $5 each week.

Special thanks to the team of experts who worked to ensure the effectiveness of our activity cards.

Anne Kostyrka, Registered Psychologist 
School Counsellor

Brodie Byrnes, BHSc, MTeach (P)
Primary School Teacher (K-6) 

Danielle Barrett, Dip Ed
Primary School Teacher (K-6)

Simone Sharah, BA (Psych) (Hons); M.Psych(Clinical); MCFT; MAPS (CCLIN)
Clinical Psychologist and Couple and Family Therapist