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With long work hours, conflicting schedules, multiple after school activities and helping with homework, family life sure can get busy!! As a result most parents feel exhausted by the time it gets to the evening meal.

Shopping, deciding what to cook, preparing the meal and setting the table, can all seem overwhelming by the end of a long day. Which means it's easy to skip the nightly routine of eating together around the table.

In fact, because our lifestyles are so busy, almost 50% of Australian families are moving away from eating meals together at the table, although 3 in 4 Australians still believe that dinner time is the greatest family connector*.

Because of this insight, we are committed to supporting busy parents to enable them to provide this important and highly beneficial nightly ritual for their children. We do so by empowering parents with practical resources and strategies to make regular family dinners both possible and enjoyable.


We know that often parents don't have the time available to prepare a meal from scratch for the family. To combat this Around The Table gives parents back precious time by delivering fresh family friendly meals to your door - cooked and ready to enjoy in less than 15 minutes. This enables parents to be able to sit down, relax and enjoy connecting together with their children over the evening meal.

Family meal times matter.


Screens and other distractions have crept into our mealtimes and around half of Australian families are eating dinner in front of the TV **. Our focus is to offer engaging alternatives so families can drive deeper connections around this premium engagement point, mealtimes. 

Our unique Activity Cards are more than conversation starters, written by experts the games and questions are designed to drive open communication and an atmosphere of enjoyment at the dinner table.

Conversations that matter.


With the number of families eating together declining, we know that parents are struggling with the hassle of the evening meal routine. Our goal is to share realistic strategies, resources and information that empowers parents to either make a change or provide support to continue eating together as a family. We provide this support via our social media platforms, newsletters and blogs. 

Supporting families matters.

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