Around The Table

How do schools and the community play a role?

We believe that investing in eating together as a family is one of the most important gifts you can give a child.

But this is largely unknown.

What if I told you that by eating dinner together as a family as little as 3 nights a week could increase your child's self esteem? or lower their risk of depression?

Or that by talking together, three times a week over dinner as a family could increase your child's academic results? or their vocabulary?

Well it's true!

Research proves that children who eat regular family meals together (a minimum of 3 per week) show evidence of the following*:

- Higher self-esteem

- Higher grades :

- Higher vocabulary levels (above just reading)

- Higher levels of resilience

- Lower rates of substance abuse

- Lower rates of teen pregnancy

- Lower rates of depression

- Lower rates of obesity and eating disorders. 


Whilst 3/4 of Australian families would like to make a change to their dinnertime routine**, their rationale is often not linked to this research, the reasons we hear are more emotional or linked to family traditions.

We believe to support and empower families to make a change to their evening routine, which may be challenging, they need to understanding the real benefits gained from eating together as a family. That is why education forms a large component of our holistic approach to helping families get back to the table.




**MasterFoods' Lifting the Lid on Dinnertime