Around The Table

Information for Families

1. Your school registers to participate
Around The Table’s meal kits and activity packs are available to all families at participating schools. If your school hasn’t registered but you’d like to place an order, please contact us.

2. Parents subscribe to Around The Table
Choose from our main meal kit, main meal kit with dessert, or just our activity cards. You can modify, pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

3. Meal kits are delivered to your school each week
Collect your chilled meal kit at pick-up and have it assembled and ready for your family to enjoy in just 15 minutes. Each meal kit includes the complete meal, so that all you need to do is heat and serve.

4. Come together Around The Table
Enjoy convenient, wholesome family meals and build family communication and connection with our activity packs.

5. We donate $1 of the sale price of each main meal kit
With $1 of the sale price of each main meal kit and activity pack donated to your child’s school (or a charity of their choice), Around The Table supports your family and your local school.


If you have any questions about Around The Table, check our FAQs or contact us at