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Recommended Books & Courses

One thing about parenting that is certain, is that by the time you figure out how to best parent your kids, it seems their needs have changed and your parenting style needs to adjust yet again.

For me, a big part of why I prioritise connecting around the table is so that I can keep up with the ever changing needs of my children. Sometimes this also requires me to read a book, ask a friend for advice or complete a short course.

Here are books & courses that I recommend:



One of the benefits of regular sit down dinners is that you are able to positively impact your child's self esteem and resilience providing both social and emotional support for your child.

What I love about CALM MIND hub is that they take this foundation to the next level by offering programs that help to encourage, motivate, uplift and empower kids to live happy, healthy and inspired lives. Such an amazing gift to give to your child.

The founder, Melissa, runs the programs in a way that is non clinical, embracing a holistic approach to the health and wellbeing of your children. As part of her holistic approach she also offers courses to support parents through the trials and tribulations of parenting too.

Melissa runs a range of different courses, take a look here  for more information.


 The Tween Mother’s Tool Book: Raising Strong Daughters - Written by Amanda Stokes

As you know I have a tween(ager) in my house, actually I have three!!

So, if you are a mum to an 8-12-year-old girl too, I'd highly recommend that you gift yourself this book! 

If you have started to see a new found attitude that is very challenging to deal with or you wished there was a way to communicate with Miss Tween that allowed her to really hear you and for her to also feel heard. Then it is time to start reading up on how best to work together through the tweens.

I choose to recommend this book because navigating through your tweens can be tough, both for your kids and you too! Amanda's book focuses on changing the way mum's communicate with their tween(agers), so that you can connect with your daughter in a more peaceful and harmonious way.  As a result your daughter will also develop greater self-awareness (which you know I love!), through guided activities that are included in the book too.

Do yourself (and your daughter) a favour and grab this great resource HERE and save 10% at the checkout.