Around The Table

Why is talking to your children at dinner so important?

Around The Table Activity Cards

We know that sparking a meaningful family conversation at the dinner table can be challenging at times, particularly at the end of the day when responses are often simply “yes” or “no” which can feel unrewarding.

Our unique pack of Activity Cards are games and questions designed by experts to make dinner time conversations easier.

They encourage open communication and family participation, by being fun and engaging so you can focus on the answers not the questions. 

We’ve found that parents and kids alike look forward to sharing our Activity Cards at dinnertime Around The Table.


What is included in a pack of Around The Table Activity Cards?

The Around The Table pack contains OVER 100 games and questions written by experts for families. They are more than conversation starters, they make family conversations matter.

Each pack arrives in a handy carry pouch and contains:

Table Talkers - shared during dinner to spark conversation and engagement

Table Top Games - more involved cards that require reading during dinner preparation

Our Family - specific questions you add for your family.

All packs have a range of questions designed to suit all ages and grow with your family.


Adding laughter and engagement to your table 


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