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Beef Teriyaki (850g)


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You can't beat classic Chinese food when you want a family meal that is full of asian flavours but without the spice. You will wonder why you ever ordered takeaway when this meal can be on your table in just 6 minutes, containing all the flavour & none of the guilt.

Tender Australian beef strips marinated in our rich teriyaki sauce that is made from scratch and fried with chunky strips of capsicum and onion giving you classic Chinese flavours.

Serve with our classic Veg Fried Rice, that is light and fluffy and packed full of vegetables or our 800g instant rice. Of course, if you wanted to reduce your carbs, why not add an Asian style salad or Asian greens as a side dish.

No better way to enjoy that takeaway vibe at home with the goodness of home cooked food enjoyed around the table.


(Includes the Beef Teriyaki only, want the rice in the picture? Order here 

Veg Fried Rice)

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