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Make The Most of Your Mealtimes

Your Tiny Tots will love these specifically designed cards that help to create healthy and fun mealtime routines for families with pre-school aged children (3-7 years). Your handy - take anywhere - felt pouch contains:

  • A unique mix of 80 questions and games that are both fun and educational for families with young children (examples in images) which include:
    • Learning moments with questions that include safety as well as feeling identification (proven to reduce outbursts and frustrations in toddlers)
    • Fun and engaging questions that take the focus off the food, which you'll be surprised how much this helps to make mealtimes easier (great for fussy eaters).
  • Currently a FREE pack of "Our Family" cards are included with every pack ordered. This pack enables you to write 20 family specific questions. Valued at $4.99.
Why are family dinners so important for your Tiny Tots? Find out HERE

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Melissa Ann
    These cards are awesome!

    My 4 year old absolutely loves them and stays at the dinner table asking to read more cards to answer rather than running to play as soon as she is done eating. My 2 year old also enjoys chiming in even though mostly we aren’t sure what she is saying.

    Thank you so much for creating this amazingly creative, smart, innovative and cool dinner table game.

    We even brought them down to the pool a couple times to play while we had snack between swims.

    Fantastic addition to mealtime

    Our 7 and 4 year old girls love these cards. Great variety of interesting questions and discussion topics that get us talking about a range of things - some fun and trivial, some more important and philosophical, some we might never think about otherwise. They work really well for us and give us a nice relaxed playful focus while we enjoy our dinner. Our mealtimes were mostly pretty reasonable anyway but there is less kid fidgeting and less parental nagging when these cards come out. Good quality cards and zip pouch. The tiny tots pack suits both our girl's ages well.

    Really enjoy it!

    It was timely, during a pandemic to start family dinners with our two small boys. Mostly our ‘conversation’ was encouragement/pleading to eat their dinner, why they should eat dinner, and what each food ‘did for their body’. Now, my 5yo reads the cards each time, which is awesome in itself, and it’s provided many many laughs at their answers. And they’re eating. Winning!

    Tracey Arthur

    Very well thought out and professionally made

    Highly recommend!

    These have been a fantastic way to reintroduce some great conversations back to our dinner table. We have a range of kids ages in our family 4-20yrs and everyone has got lots of laughs from some of the questions and the answers that everyone comes up with.
    Highly recommend!