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Veg Fried Rice (900g)


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Looking for a creative way to increase your families vegetable intake?

Our Vegetarian Fried Rice is your answer!

Our classic vegetable fried rice is packed full of goodness, we include red capsicum, green capsicum, corn, onion, carrot, peas and celery in every 900g serve. We then finish the rice with a light soy sauce perfect for kids, so it isn't too overpowering and it's super tasty too.

This large side serve is perfect to accompany or beef teriyaki or our chicken schnitty and also makes a great alternative to salad at BBQ's as it's packed with colourful vegetables that kids love to eat. 

Our rice is great for a side serve as it comes in 2 seperate containers - 2 x 450g

Click here for full nutritional information and ingredients lists.