10 Inexpensive Tech Free Things To Do During School Holidays

10 Inexpensive Tech Free Things To Do During School Holidays

Want to give the screens a rest these school holidays?

It can be hard to find things to entertain the kids when you are competing with technology, but it is possible and doesn’t have to break the bank.

I’ve pulled together a list of activities to do these school holidays that meets isolation/social distancing requirements, are tech free PLUS they are inexpensive too.

Take a look:

1. The Great OutdoorsDepending where you live a bike ride, bush walk, beach walk or trip to the park or playground is always good fun. It’ll cost you $10 for the added treat of an ice-cream or milk shake, which I find always helps to get my kids moving out the door.

2. Mani-Pedi Home SpaEveryone has a nail polish or two hidden in a drawer somewhere, why not make your own day spa day out of it and give yourself and the kids a little pampering. You can also grab a few items from Priceline if you do need something, they have loads of nail polish and files for under $10.

3. LEGO or Duplo Mini-Masters CompetitionMy kids loved the LEGO show and love when we copy it and make our own version of the show at home. Start by staging the LEGO or Duplo in one room and the “set” in another, so they have to run for the items they need, just like the show (exercise without knowing it = winning). It also helps if you prepare some themes for the kids to build, such as; tiny houses, bridges, monsters, cars, towers etc etc. Give the kids between 30 minutes to an hour (depending on their age) to create their own masterpiece. I reward the winner of each event with a Freddo Frog (and one for me for being the host!), but you could always head to canva.com and create your own Lego Master Certificates instead.

4. Fort Building - Who doesn’t love to build a fort or a club house! This can be done inside or outside (depending on the weather) and can keep the kids busy for hours or even days. Why not serve lunch or dinner in their new abode too. My kids always love to say they are sleeping in theirs but that usually lasts about 10 minutes until they realise it’s really uncomfortable. This is a free activity but you could spend the $10 on some club house items just for run (or treats).

5. Kids in the Kitchen - Get the kids making dinner or lunch, but take it to the next level with them creating a restaurant. Start with them designing a menu and a logo, and setting the table in a fun way too. Ask them to use food already available in the house and give them a $10 budget for any additional items they need. This activity is a real winner because it also means lunch or dinner is organised too!

6. Bring on the bugs! - Spring has sprung and it’s the perfect time for our bug loving kids to get outside and enjoy! Check out Bugs World (available at major departments stores) which has a great range of bug capturing kits (if that is what your little adventurers enjoy doing) all under the $10 price point.

7. Jigsaw Puzzle - Granted every day is not always picture perfect on school holidays, so grab the family a jigsaw puzzle! The major department stores have load of 1000 plus piece puzzles under $10. Nothing better than some family team work and the feeling of accomplishment when the picture is completed.

8. Gardening - It is perfect timing for some seed planting, (and weeding if you can convince the kids that is fun too) grab a pack or two of seeds from Bunnings. Try to steer the kids towards seeds that grow quickly, so they can see the results before they totally lose interest. Go to: https://www.bunnings.com.au for seeds.

9. Totem Tennis or Soccer – OK granted this is old school but kids (and adults) love Totem Tennis! Slightly at $12 from Big W it's a bargain, and you don't have to look for a single lost ball.

10. Dinner Conversation Cards by Around The Table – Looking for some dinner time fun to mix things up? Why not grab a pack of our Dinner Conversation Cards, enter code SAVE21 for 21% off (limited time), saving you up to $7.35. Order at: www.aroundthetable.com.au


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