Around The Table is proudly affiliated with the following products that also help families in achieving mealtime success.
Why Does Around The Table Recommend Scribble Mat For Family Mealtimes?
Scribble Mat™ is an environmentally friendly solution for children to use to colour in. Children simply colour in the mats then wipe them clean, ready to be used again. Their compact size and portability means they are perfect for children to use whilst waiting for meals to be served in restaurants (no screens needed), as well as providing an easy mealtime activity to enable younger children to join you at the table and be involved in family mealtimes (especially if they have eaten earlier).
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Why Does Around The Table Recommend Joyfull For Family Mealtimes?

Joyfull is focused on providing their customers support and expertise to give them the confidence to navigate feeding challenges for babies and little ones. They savour every moment and celebrate the joy of mealtimes just like Around The Table does.

We particularly like their PLAYmat and Guidebook set as it is designed to reimagine mealtime as a journey of exploration, taste, and texture, making every bite an exciting discovery for your little foodie by:

  • Stimulating curiosity and interest in a variety of foods, encouraging a broader diet.
  • Combining play and education, helping children develop a positive relationship with food.
  • The PLAYmat offers a hands-on experience, fostering sensory exploration and fine motor skills.
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