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Dinner times are one of the few opportunities where you can sit down and connect as a family.


That is why our unique questions and games are designed to help bring families together over dinner by providing light entertainment and driving connections by encouraging everyone to talk, share and have fun while eating a meal together.


The best part is, research has proven that by regularly connecting over a meal, you are helping to support your children socially, emotionally and academically too.

That's what we call making your mealtimes count!

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Why I Started Around The Table

We all seem to intrinsically know that eating dinner together as a family is important, however our busy lifestyles can make it quite challenging to get everyone organised for dinner and sometimes even when you do get everyone seated at the table, the conversation can be so stifled (think one word answers) that despite your best efforts it feels unrewarding. That was me, mum of 3 that avoided family dinner time and "fed" my children separately. Whilst looking for an easier solution to family dinners I discovered the long list of proven benefits and realised I needed to make a change and invest in this precious time. However, I wanted mealtimes to be fun and provide us with energy not zap it from us! Without finding a suitable solution, I decided to create one, and so Around The Table was born, providing resources and practical strategies (with the help of child experts) that support families to not only sit down for dinner more often but make mealtimes fun too! Founder: Danielle Barrett (mum of 3)
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  • 5 Ways to Bring Your Family Back To The Table
    November 10, 2021 Danielle Barrett

    5 Ways to Bring Your Family Back To The Table

    Let’s face it, during lockdown we all let our normal routines slip, more time on tech, going to bed later than usual, more treats and rewards, perhaps dinners in front of the TV or screens slipped into the mix too.

    Firstly, let me start by saying that lock down and home schooling were extremely challenging times, it wasn’t a “normal” situation and so we all in some way shape or form dropped some of our routines that normally aren’t negotiable. In our house, I did whatever I needed to do to keep my family happy, safe and smiling. The issue is now, how do you reel some of these things back?

    I think of all the things that may have slipped, sitting down to dinner together is the one thing that can make the greatest difference to your family.

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  • How To Entice Your TEEN To WANT To Eat Dinners With You
    October 13, 2021 Danielle Barrett

    How To Entice Your TEEN To WANT To Eat Dinners With You

    If you’re finding mealtimes unrewarding with your teen or having glimpses of teen-like behaviour from your tween, my advice is to persist past the eye rolls, one-word answers and grunts because there is a long list of benefits associated to family mealtimes. Proven benefits such as increased self-esteem and resilience, as well as lower rates of teen pregnancy, substance abuse and eating disorders, just to name a few that are evidenced by teens that regularly connect over dinner with their families. Listed below are 10 ideas that will help to entice family mealtimes with teens:

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