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Family dinners are important

We understand that family dinner time is challenging.

Busy lifestyles, conflicting schedules and technology at the table mean that we sometimes don't give family dinner time the focus it deserves. However it is one of the most important gifts you can give a child because of the benefits associated. Benefits that include many behaviours parents would wish for, including higher self esteem, resilience and lower rates of substance abuse in teens.

What are the other benefits?

We know how to get everyone to the table

Our experts have designed our Activity Card Packs to help get everyone to the table and make table talk easy & fun. So you can spend your energy being part of the conversation, not creating it. From serious to silly Around The Table knows how to bring the whole family together.

Create memories Around Your Table

Engaging conversation is at the heart of family meal times
Engaging conversation is at the heart of family meal times Engaging conversation is at the heart of family meal times Engaging conversation is at the heart of family meal times Engaging conversation is at the heart of family meal times Engaging conversation is at the heart of family meal times Engaging conversation is at the heart of family meal times

Spark up your family conversations and create new memories around your table with our unique Activity Cards.

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4 Frequently Asked Questions

1. To gain the benefits does it need to be dinner?

No it doesn't. If dinner is not suitable for your family, try lunch or breakfast. There are 21 opportunities each week.

2. How important is the engaging conversation?

Proven benefits are reflected only with positive family conversation. Use the opportunity to re-connect.

3. Our kids eat early, is it ok if I just sit and watch them eat?

Table manners and vocabulary skills are modelled through family mealtimes, this requires at least one adult eating.

4. What if I can't get everyone together for mealtimes?

Don't be hard on yourself, it isn't about perfection, some family mealtimes is always better than none.

Did you know that 78% of Australians say they get more connection from sharing a meal with loved ones than any other activity?*

*MasterFoods' Lifting the Lid on Dinnertime

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Our family has enjoyed two dinners together using the cards and they’ve been rather enjoyable instead of the usual nightmare. The kids can’t wait to share their answers and are so focused on the cards and less about how many vegetables they can get out of eating. My 7yr son even used both his knife and fork with minimal fuss tonight instead of his usual caveman style. Great work 👍

– Hayley Dragun

I just wanted to write and say that I think you’re doing a wonderful job providing this service. Sometimes families don’t have dinner together because they simply don’t understand the incredible importance of joining together and listening to each other, so very important in the development of children’s self-esteem and self worth. Good job!

– Kim (Clinical Psychologist)

Just received your beautiful Around The Table cards in the mail today and really looking forward to using them during class eating time with the emphasis on bringing families (be it school or home family) together :)

– Yvette

We have been using the activity cards and really enjoy doing the activities together as a family. My 7 year old asks me every day, “are we doing one of the activities tonight?"

– Laura Martin

Just received our cards in the mail yesterday, very impressed with how many there were. Lots of great discussion at our table last night. Would recommend these for a gift or anyone with kids, all ages.

– Virginia McCrea

Just thought of how awesome it’d be to have this as my first language for my own family. I cannot remember the last time we didn’t have a conversation around a device! Keep up the amazing work!

– Anon


Host's Erin Molan & Natalie Peters discuss the benefits of table dining with founder Danielle Barrett.

– Erin Molan & Natalie Peters (2GB - The Weekend Addition))

Discussing all things Around The Table and launching our Activity Cards.

– Aurelia-Sophia Roman (2RRR Breakfast Radio)

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