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It's the smiles, laughs and conversations around your dinner table that help to connect & reconnect your family.

Backed by science and built with love, our range of Family Dinner Conversation Packs are filled with fun and engaging questions and games, each designed to create special moments around your table.


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Why I Started Around The Table

We all know that eating together is important, however our busy lifestyles can make it quite challenging to get around the table each night. With competing schedules, long work hours and after school activities it can mean it feels next-to-impossible for families to sit down together over dinner. With a passion to help families make the most of their time together at dinner, I launched Around The Table to help families enjoy connecting over this important nightly ritual more often. We support family fun and engagement with our unique Dinner Conversation Cards, written by experts, to spark open conversation and family fun. Making dinner time easier and more enjoyable for everyone! Founder: Danielle Barrett (mum of 3)
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    September 14, 2021 Danielle Barrett

    5 Easy Games That Will Get Your Family Walking

    After weeks of lockdown, my kids have started to lose interest in “the family walk”. I totally understand, they are used to doing organised sports with friends, which is usually a great mix of games and a side serve of exercise, and well, kids don’t tend to appreciate the scenery and serenity of a walk like us “old people” (so I’ve been told – thanks kids! 😂  😂 ).

    So, I decided to “re-brand” the family walk, because I couldn't take another day of the kids complaining before we had even left the driveway! 😩  

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    5 things we’ve been doing to live our best (lockdown) life!

    With the initial two weeks of lockdown progressing into many, I have found that I needed to reassess how we manage lockdown life, in order to maintain the mental health of our family. What does this mean?

    To keep it really simple, I needed our family to focus on things that make us happy and consciously place our energy towards those things.

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    July 20, 2021 Danielle Barrett

    “Get Real” Home Learning

    I can see that this experience is building resilience and independence in my children, which later on I will be so grateful for, but right now, managing work and three children home learning, as well as zero after school activities, I am stretched and it is a daily challenge. 

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