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Family Dinner Conversation Cards

Designed by experts specifically for families, each conversation card provides light dinner entertainment and gets everyone smiling, laughing and connecting around your table. Each handy travel pouch, made from recycled felt, contains over 100 questions and games making mealtimes lots of fun and provides a great way to connect with your family too!
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A Pack for Every Table

Packed full of 80 unique questions our range of specialty packs are designed to suit all households and children of all ages. From Tiny Tot's to Teens we have a pack that is perfect for the next meal around your table.
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Connecting through engaging questions
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Why I Started Around The Table

We all know that eating together is important, however our busy lifestyles can make it quite challenging to get around the table each night. With competing schedules, long work hours and after school activities it can mean it feels next-to-impossible for families to sit down together over dinner. With a passion to help families make the most of their time together at dinner, I launched Around The Table to help families enjoy connecting over this important nightly ritual more often. We support family fun and engagement with our unique Dinner Conversation Cards, written by experts, to spark open conversation and family fun. Making dinner time easier and more enjoyable for everyone! Founder: Danielle Barrett (mum of 3)
connecting by making the most of mealtimes



connecting through fun around your table


  • smoothie for dinner
    May 26, 2021

    Managing Mealtimes with Tired Kids (& Parents)

    When my children were little I worked part-time and so 3 days a week they happily went off to day-care. Not surprisingly, on those days dinner time were very challenging as the kids were thoroughly exhausted. Early mornings, lots of stimulation, engaging play, learning new things plus late pickups, meant that by the time I was there to collect them, they were tired, grisly and needed to go to bed. Between the kids and bed, however, was bath-time and the dreaded family dinner.
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  • More FUN than Take-away!
    April 28, 2021

    More FUN than Take-away!

    What I have found however, is that there is a type of meal that also promotes casual dining (think zero cutlery), is a lot healthier, fits within the budget and my kids love it, perhaps even more than take-away! To be fair, it doesn’t 100% give me the night off, but it does limit my food preparation time and I do find that there is a lot less “finish this” “eat that” “one more” discussions at the table, which is refreshing in itself.
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  • 10 Simple Rainy-Day Ideas To Entertain Your Kids
    March 25, 2021

    10 Simple Rainy-Day Ideas To Entertain Your Kids

    To keep the kids busy when it is raining and to stop them from bickering at each other, I find that I generally need to go old school and get creative!

    Here are my 10 favourite rainy-day activities, that you can do from the comfort of your home. All 10 are low cost and are perfect for keeping the rainy-day boredom and bickering at bay.

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