Around The Table


Re-connect after a long day over a healthy family friendly meal.


The convenience of takeaway with the health benefits of a home cooked meal.


Cooked to order and delivered fresh (not frozen) simply heat and serve.


Designed to encourage family connection our unique activity cards are fun for everyone.


 Around The Table makes it easy for families to come together for dinner.

We take the hassle out of dinnertime by delivering to your door, freshly cooked wholesome family meals, with unique activity cards designed to make dinnertime fun.

All meals are ready for your family to enjoy at the table in less than 15 minutes, simply heat and serve.


Choose a meal plan to suit your family

Register and choose a meal plan. Our meals serve 4 and cost as little as $9.50 per person.

Meals delivered freshly cooked (not frozen)

Ready to serve in less than 15 minutes - simply heat and share on your table.

Unique Activity Cards with every meal

Designed to encourage family connection our unique cards are fun for the whole family.

Help us give back to your community

With every delivery we donate $1 to a school or community group of your choice.

Why is eating together at the table so important?

Anne Fishel, Ph.D from the Family Dinner Project is a clinical psychologist, teacher, blogger, and family therapist. She advocates for families eating together and highlights the link between research and many behaviours parents would wish for, such as:* :: Higher self-esteem :: Higher grades :: Higher vocabulary levels (above just reading) :: Higher levels of resilience :: Lower rates of substance abuse :: Lower rates of teen pregnancy :: Lower rates of depression :: Lower rates of obesity and eating disorders. *

Learn more about how Around The Table helps to remove the hassle from dinnertime.

How does buying Around The Table help the community?

At Around the table we believe that informing parents of the largely unknown benefits of families eating meals together is as important as the meal solution we deliver. To help raise awareness we have designed Information Sessions specifically for presenting to parents at schools and community groups. While understanding the benefits is important we also provide simple solutions and strategies to empower parents who would like to make a change to their meal time routine.

Learn more about how Schools and Community Groups can benefit from participating

What's in the box?

All meals are freshly cooked to order and delivered chilled to you (not frozen) – you simply heat and serve. Each meal is a complete serve for a family of 4, specifically selected to be family favourites and designed to be on your table in less than 15 minutes. With each meal we also include our unique activity cards designed to entice communication and add some fun .

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The meal was amazing! We loved the fresh vegetables and how tasty and easy it was to prepare, especially with a 9 week old at home!

– Richard Goodwin, Relieving Assistant Principal - Kambora Public School

Just had a super delicious pie from Around The Table – just like grandma used to make, but with parents so busy there is no pie making happening - well not at my house anyhow – it was not too sweet, just right!

– Janine (Belrose mum of 2)

I was lucky enough to enjoy the delicious Chicken Cacciatore for dinner this week. It was really tasty and fresh, and tasted very much like a home cooked meal. I think the Around The Table Concept is wonderful, serving quality food and bringing families together for a fun and enjoyable evening meal and I wish the team the greatest success with it.

– Lily, Director - Allambie After School Care

My family LOVED the cottage pie. It was so delicious and ready and on the table in 15 minutes! I loved that the meal was already cooked so no preparation was required! This was a huge time saver. We have also been using the activity cards and really enjoy doing the activities together as a family. My 7 year old asks me every day, “are doing one of the activities tonight?" We can’t wait to see what the next meal and activities are and are so happy we signed up with Around the Table.

– Laura Martin (Mum)

Around The Table Advocates

We donate $1 per delivery to selected schools and community groups that support Around The Table with our important parent Information Sessions.  

Learn more about our community initiatives and how to get involved.


We’re currently making some final tweaks to our meals to ensure they’re as delicious and full of flavour as possible. Please enter your email below if you’d like to know when we’re delivering to your area.