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Why I Started Around The Table

We all seem to intrinsically know that eating dinner together as a family is important, however our busy lifestyles can make it quite challenging to get everyone organised for dinner and sometimes even when you do get everyone seated at the table, the conversation can be so stifled (think one word answers) that despite your best efforts it feels unrewarding. That was me, mum of 3 that avoided family dinner time and "fed" my children separately. Whilst looking for an easier solution to family dinners I discovered the long list of proven benefits and realised I needed to make a change and invest in this precious time. However, I wanted mealtimes to be fun and provide us with energy not zap it from us! Without finding a suitable solution, I decided to create one, and so Around The Table was born, providing resources and practical strategies (with the help of child experts) that support families to not only sit down for dinner more often but make mealtimes fun too! Founder: Danielle Barrett (mum of 3)
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  • Why Let Tuesdays Have All The Fun!
    March 22, 2022 Danielle Barrett

    Why Let Tuesdays Have All The Fun!

    Just about everyone has heard of Taco Tuesdays, the night of the week where taco’s come to dinner and kids (and parents) everywhere can’t wait for Tuesday to come around, but there is no reason that Tuesdays should have all the fun!

    I’m sure Taco Tuesday started as a great marketing plan in a corporate boardroom to increase sales but it can actually be a busy parent’s best friend. In fact, it is essentially just meal planning in a fun themed way.

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  • 10 Practical Ways You Can Improve Your Family Dinners
    March 2, 2022 Danielle Barrett

    10 Practical Ways You Can Improve Your Family Dinners

    Let’s face it, our lives are so busy sometimes just getting dinner onto the table can be considered a win, other times you spend extra time preparing and cooking a delicious family meal, and then… doesn’t quite go to plan.

    The teenager won’t come out of their room, the toddler won’t even look at the meal you made, someone is running late for dinner, one-word answers to every question you ask and all you really want is to connect, laugh and share with your family for 20 minutes! ……Sound familiar?

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  • 10 Things I Have Learnt About School Lunches
    January 28, 2022 Danielle Barrett

    10 Things I Have Learnt About School Lunches

    Over the last 7 years, I have noticed a significant increase in pressure for parents to provide an “instagrammable” lunch for their kids, and guess what….sometimes you will pack your kids lunch and say “seriously how good does this look!” and at other times you will be rushing to Bakers Delight to purchase a ham and cheese roll (guilty as charged).
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