How I Discovered The Importance Of Family Dinner Time

My life was busy – with three kids (in 16 months), and the competing demands of family and work, I quickly found that at the end of a long day, sitting down and enjoying dinner together just wasn’t possible.

The guilt I felt around not being able “to-do-it-all” sparked an interest to see how other parents were managing to work all day, drop off and pick up kids, and still put dinner on the table at a reasonable time. But, instead of discovering the secret, I discovered I wasn’t alone. Australian families are increasingly moving away from eating together at the dinner table*, and with this change are forgoing the benefits of a sit-down meal.

What many people don’t realise (myself included) is that by not eating dinner together, we are actually missing out on connecting as a family both socially and emotionally, as well as providing valuable learning opportunities for our children.

I realised that I needed make a change and focus more on what happens once we sit down to eat. With this passion I founded Around The Table, a service designed to make dinnertime easier and more enjoyable so families can enjoy the many benefits of eating dinner together. With 1 in 2 Australians eating dinner in front of the television**, and increasing time pressures on parents, Around The Table provides resources and simple strategies for families to make a change.

I am passionate about helping families, and the facts support that eating together just 3 days a week can make a real difference.


* Mars Foods ** YouGov panel July 2017--