Around The Table

Why is it important to eat meals together?

Eating meals together as a family is more important than you may believe.

In fact, we believe it is one of the most important gifts you can give a child.

Did you know, that by eating together as a family, as little as 3 nights a week, you will be increasing your child's resilience levels and self esteem?

Or that by having engaging conversations over dinner you will be lowering the risk of your child having depression, or an eating disorder? All that, whilst also increasing their vocabulary and communication skills.

It is hard to believe, so much is happening over a meal, but it is all true.

Research shows that children who eat regular family meals together (a minimum of 3 per week) show evidence of the following*:

- Higher self-esteem

- Higher grades :

- Higher vocabulary levels (above just reading)

- Higher levels of resilience

- Lower rates of substance abuse

- Lower rates of teen pregnancy

- Lower rates of depression

- Lower rates of obesity and eating disorders. 

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