4 Tips to close out the working day

4 Tips to close out the working day

With a lot of us still working from home, it can become hard to separate our home life and work life when it’s all in the one environment. So, we have put together our top 4 tips to help close the working day which can help improve your mood and bring the family closer together.

1. Pack up your desk - Whether you are sitting on the kitchen table or at a designated work desk. Packing up your work desk symbolises the end of the working day. A lot of us get carried away and find ourselves checking work emails at all hours of the night. But it is important to leave work at work, just like you would in an office space. This will provide healthier work habits, reduce the anxiety and overwhelming feeling that you should do more and instead help the family spend the deserved time together.

2. Exercise – Whether it is a walk around the block, or a yoga tutorial on YouTube, some form of exercise is always a great way to wind down. Both activities allow you to clear your mind and can help release any stresses that built up over the day. As little as 10-15 minutes a day can really transform your mood, and help close out the work day.

3. One hour no screen time - Now more than ever, screen time for a lot of people has doubled, if not tripled. Switching off can be challenging, but if you can aim for one hour off a night, preferably around dinner, there are many benefits! These include:
• Enhanced relationships - Spending time away from the screen allows room for more connected conversations with the family. Encouraging the whole family to switch off for one hour can help improve family relationships.
• Improved mood - Constant use of screens can increase stress and anxiety levels. Just by putting them away for as little as an hour can help improve your mood tremendously, especially when you fill that time with family conversations.

4. Around the Table Dinner Conversation Cards - There’s no better way to end the working day than with some family fun! With many families spending more time together at home, the Conversation Cards are designed to take conversation beyond the “how was your day”, and instead encourage creative questions to be asked, that you may have never thought of before. With over 100 unique cards, there’s a mixture of games and questions designed to help drive conversation, connection, and enjoyment during mealtimes, making dinner time easier and more enjoyable for everyone!



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