Making the most of family dinners

Making the most of family dinners

Takeaway might save you time, but that's where the  benefit ends! 

Let’s be honest, even those who really enjoy cooking want a night off from preparing the family meal. Between the monotonous nature of functional cooking and the demands of creating something new each night, preparing the evening meal can be laboursome and at times stressful too.  

When the family is hungry, tired and wanting to eat NOW, takeaway seems like the easy way out. With apps such as UberEats & Menulog that allow you to order with just a few taps, it can be extremely tempting to swap out a home cooked dinner for takeout, but unfortunately there are often trade-offs for convenience. 

With regard to health benefits, there is a reason why most takeout meals are considered "sometimes foods". Fast foods, particularly those targeted at families, tend to be high in salt, cholesterol and calories. With limited visibility on what actually goes into your meal, it can be challenging to understand exactly what your family is eating. Combine this with the quantity of food served, with many restaurants serving meals two to three times larger than the recommended dietary guidelines, it's no wonder many parents feel the pangs of "the takeaway guilts". 

Takeaway also tends to break all the family dinner time rules! We often hit relax mode on everything and opt for dinner in front of the TV or devices, and teens well, they suddenly disappear into their rooms where they’re reluctant to engage in family conversation.  In essence, takeaway takes away the family dinner conversations too, conversation which is the key to proven social, emotional, and academic benefits connected to family dinners.  

Around the Table Family Meals were developed to be the perfect middleman, offering the excitement and relaxation of takeout whilst maintaining the benefits of being around the table with a freshly prepared meal and family dinner conversation. 

Going the extra mile our chef cooks all meals, sauces and sides so that when they are delivered to your home, they are ready to serve in under 15 minutes. All ingredients are of the highest quality, and include local, seasonal, and fresh produce, with nutritional information for each component so you know exactly what your family are eating. 

The simple act of gathering the family together over the dinner table can play a big 
role in relieving stress and boosting mood which is often missed when we eat our 
dinner in front of screens.   

To compliment your family dinner, Around The Table also includes 5 conversation cards, creating a relaxing, fun and engaging dinner atmosphere the whole family will love! Each card provides the opportunity to connect through conversation, strengthen family bonds. 

Great Family Food & Meaningful Conversations Around Your Table.  

Plan to experience the difference yourself and order your fresh family meals today! 

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