The Ultimate Dinner Parenting Hack

The Ultimate Dinner Parenting Hack

This blog should come with a warning because I believe this is a Must-Have Family Dinner Product.

Let me start by saying my family have always enjoyed a night out at our local sushi train (you know the Japanese restaurants that have a conveyer belt with little plates of food going around), it makes sense, it fits the bill of family dinner and fun/entertainment which is the essence of my business Around The Table.

In fact we love it so much, that we often comment that I wish they had a Taco Train somewhere, particularly while eating taco’s and spending half the time passing people ingredients (don’t sit on the end is my hot top when it’s taco night lol). This actually was the reason why I purchased a “lazy susan” for our dining table, although I am not sure that is the polite term for it anymore, especially because as the kids say, she is more helpful thank lazy. I digress, back to the ultimate hack......

After moving recently, we discovered that our familiar sushi train concept was nowhere to be found, a little disappointing because it had become a monthly treat (especially when I didn’t feel like cooking) and there just wasn’t anything like it.

So, imagine my excitement when I started googling and found this beauty! Our very own Sushi Train!!

See how it works  HERE

What I liked about it was that it provided some fun and laughs to family dinners and for us it also gave us some really fond memories of home. A big bonus was that we didn’t even need to leave the house, especially as we are all trying to stretch our dollar further at the moment and eating out definitely falls into the “sometimes food” basket.

So, I surprised the kids (remember they are all teens), loaded it up with Mexican (of course!) and honestly, they were so surprised and absolutely loved it! Couldn’t stop laughing and asking me, where did you find this (us parents have our ways! Insert an evil laugh here when reading). It was well worth the investment and has been used many time since (for lots of different foods).

So.... there you have it, I did warn you, don’t you just have to have one now?

Oh! I did go all out and purchase extra carriages as we have quite a large table which you can purchase HERE but you don’t need them if you are just after the novelty factor.

Note: I purchased this product without association, however I have now chosen to recommend it and may receive a commission.
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