We Love Questions!

Do you have examples of the questions?
You can click here to see examples of our cards or you can also join our Around The Table family on Instagram families_aroundthetable to see more examples and practical tips too!
Can you help me with which pack would be best to purchase?
Sure can! Our team of experts can let you know which pack would be best suited for your family or gift recipient. Just click the "chat with us" button 
Is there any cross over of questions in each pack?
The vast majority of questions in each pack are unique, there is a very small amount of cross over, perhaps 5-8 cards in each pack.
Why is the original pack more expensive?
Our original pack contains 110 cards, 70 fun questions and 30 pre-dinner games. It also contains 10 blank cards so that you can add some personalised questions of your own. Our specialty packs contain 80 questions that are specifically designed for that life stage.
How many cards do we need to use each night?

There are no rules.

Every family or household is unique, some use several cards per night, because they know it takes a few cards to warm up. Others use one card each night and find that is enough to spark engaging conversations. Others cherry pick the questions they like, its all OK!

The one thing we do know is that once you start your children will ask you "can we do the cards tonight?". That translates to "let's talk over dinner" which is just wonderful!


What is the difference between All Household and The Original Family Pack?
Our All Household pack was designed so that any home can use this pack, whether there are children in the home or not, we didn't want to leave anyone out of the fun! This pack does not reference children, which makes the pack perfect for conferences, corporate gifts, zoom meetings and ice breakers. Our Original Family Pack is very much family orientated, referencing parenting and families, this pack also contains games that are suitable for children.
Have another question?
Don't hesitate to click the black chat with us button or ask your question via email at: service@aroundthetable.com.au
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