What are Dinner Conversation Cards?

Our Dinner Conversation Cards are designed by experts to help facilitate engaging conversation and provide an atmosphere of fun during family meal times.

Each card provides families an opportunity to connect through conversation, strengthening bonds, and helping realise the proven social, emotional and academic benefits associated with regular sit down family meals.

Proven benefits that are backed by science, but only evident if mealtimes include engaging conversations.

Such as*:

  • Higher self-esteem
  • Higher grades
  • Higher vocabulary levels (above just reading
  • Higher levels of resilience
  • Lower rates of substance abuse
  • Lower rates of teen pregnancy
  • Lower rates of depression
  • Lower rates of obesity and eating disorders.  



"Just received our cards in the mail yesterday, very impressed with how many there were. Lots of great discussion at our table last night. Would recommend these for a gift or anyone with kids, all ages"

         – Virginia McCrea




Special thanks to the team of experts who contribute ensuring the effectiveness of our dinner conversation cards:


Anne Kostyrka 

Registered Psychologist

School Counsellor

Danielle Barrett (Mum of three)
Dip Ed Primary School Teacher (K-6)
Simone Sharah
BA (Psych) (Hons); M.Psych(Clinical); MCFT; MAPS (CCLIN)Clinical Psychologist and Couple and Family Therapist

Brodie Byrnes (Mum of three)
BHSc, MTeach (P)Primary School Teacher (K-6)


*thefamilydinnerproject.org are a fantastic resource for families, be sure to check them out!